The Victorian Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

The VHPA is the Regional Association of the SAFA (Sports Aviation Federation of Australia), and is responsible for fostering the sports of Hang Gliding, Paragliding, Weight Shift Microlighting (trikes) in Victoria.

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Once a month a group of pilots (the VHPA committee, which includes representatives from every Victorian club) get together to go over projects that are helping to make Victoria a better, safer place to fly and get ‘best bang for buck’ from the Regional Development Levy for pilots.

This might be administering funds to a club who need financial help in maintaining a flying site, or improving operational safety. It might be helping create a state government licence or agreement with a landowner, planning attendance at sports expos or air shows, gaining additional airspace access or it could be looking at ways to further improve pilot knowledge & training.

Our activities include:

  • Supporting clubs to grow the sport across all disciplines, improve safety and pilot education
  • Funding flying site maintenance or improvements
  • Funding new flying site developments
  • Funding specialist sports development events
  • Developing flying/ landing right of use agreements
  • Lodging and acquiring VIC state government access licences
  • Assessing and funding appropriate flying safety programs for VIC pilots
  • Assessing and funding competitions specialist clinics for VIC pilots
  • Assisting Victorian clubs become affiliated with the VHPA/SAFA
  • Assisting Victorian clubs govern and administer themselves and their sites
  • Organising working bees
  • Gaining access to additional airspace
  • Supporting clubs to encourage community awareness and participation in the sports
  • Representing Victoria at a state level to state and federal government entities
  • Seeking to ensure all pilots operate responsibly and safely
  • Representing Victoria at a state level to SAFA (and hence through ASAC, FAI, CASA, and other National Aero Clubs, etc.)

Got a project idea? Talk to your club or VHPA committee. The VHPA’s funding & expenditure guidelines are available on the Projects & Funding page.

To find out more, read the Statement of Purpose or download the Rules of the VHPA.

The VHPA committee is elected at the AGM each year for a period of 12 months and meets online on the 2nd Tuesday of every month (except January when there is no meeting) at 7pm. All welcome. Please contact the secretary for log in details.

Please send any feedback or updates to information contained within this website to the VHPA Webmaster.