Victorian Turnpoint Challenge

Fun informal challenge to encourage pilots to venture away from the hill

  • Fly with purpose , develop your skills , make new friends.
  • State wide, All inclusive, Season long event commencing 1/9/19
  • Several classes to cater for. Pilots of all skill level, novices encouraged to compete
  • Awards ‘ceremony’ at end of season


  1. Collect as many registered turn points as possible in the season (Highest total number of turn points collected over a season)
    • One Turn point counts once. Challenge is to get all local turn points on weak days and gradually expand out to get more remote turn points on better days / longer flights.
    • Pilots within each pilot category who gets the most turn point 'hits ' within the season wins. (1st Sept-30th Aug)
  2. Collect as many turn points as possible in a single flight.
    • Challenge is for most turn points achieved in one day (Current record is 12)


Pilot Category Category Guide
Fun EN-A&B with no more than 100 XC hrs
Sport Up to EN-C
XC Up to EN-D, no 2-liners
Comp EN-D 2 liners, CCC
Hang Gliding
Pilot Category Category Guide
Fun Floater with no more than 100XC hrs
Sport Up to Intermediate (Sting class)
XC Kingposted
Comp Topless


  • Entry Requirements
    • Pilot must be a financial member of SAFA
    • Rules and regulations according to the ops manual must be adhered to
    • Local site rules must be adhered to
    • Pilots must comply to PG licence restrictions
  • Submission Requirements
    • Honesty based submissions.
    • Pilots will be registered on Highcloud
    • All claims must have a Highcloud registered track log of the flight for the day. (May or May not be independently checked)
    • Turn Points considered as achieved if flown within 400m radius of given cords.
    • Turn points can be 'achieved' from flights from any official Victorian launch site
    • A site counts as a turn point if it's on the list and is used either as launch or in flight


  • Mike Chapman: 0409 966 000
  • Ramon Collodetti: 0416 235 391
  • Duane Wilson: 0422 257 224
  • John Weatherley: 0401 714 709

In this first year of this comp, we will likely still be tweaking things (such as the scoring) as we go along.

Links and resources

Download the information pack.

Please submit your flights at the comp's Highcloud scoring page. You can also view tasks and results.

Download the waypoint file here: TPChallenge2019V3.2.wpt (v3.2, 2019-09-23), or as kml for Google Earth: TPChallenge2019V3.2.kml.

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